Friday, January 30, 2015

DIY Antique Vanity Mini Drawers Project | Accessories Vanity Storage

Yay!!!  Finally I'm so happy that my make-up are finally organized!!!  This is the mini drawers that I talked about before.  It's a very old one, I got it when I was 9-10 and now I'm like what? 22!  Threw my childhood stuff away and now it is reborn into ''the keeper of beauty-ness''

Actually, one side has slightly chipped off because the plastic is very old and dry, so a single rough move, would totally break it.  That's why I coated it first using mod podge to hold everything at least it's doing a slight security to it (should have bought the mod podge hard surface bottle).



Painted it  with black base acrylic and roughly swiped some metallic paints to make the antique steel look.

I also added some glitter.  I wonder whether you guys can see them -.-?

So let me show you guys my make up collection.  I don't have much because I hate wasting, so these are the products that I would use to the core.

1st tier: Face Products

2nd tier: For Eyes

3rd tier: For Lips

4th tier: Blusher and Bronzer Palette

5th: Extra storage for palettes, sponges and sanitizers


Now, my accessories organizer and storage.  I was so depressed today because I wanted to go out for a date but mom didn't allow it to happen lol.  Sad fucking life.  So I cleaned up my room, finding my scattered jewels, cleaned them up and finally organized them.

I even threw away some of my goth stuff because they were too damage.  Can anyone tell me where to get the silica beads the one that absorbs moisture from the air?  I really need them T_T.

These storage are bought from Daiso.  Each only costs me like 5 bucks.  Tiny, cute and compact.  Worth it girls!!!

So this mini tier cabinet is for random stuff like pendants, hair clips, bangles etc 

This squared box is for my couture necklaces.  

These are my faves.  Each stack is sold seperately (5 bucks each)

See..see..see..  Very handy and stackable..

Here I found an amazing pill box and coin purse, so I put my earrings and arm candies in them.  

More bangles, bracelets and earcuffs.

That's all from me.  Hope this would give you girls more ideas for storage.  

Thanks for reading!!!

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