Friday, January 23, 2015

DIY Light diffusing box | Tutorial link

Yay!!! I've made the ugliest light box ever!!!  But I don't give a fuck because it functions really well. Now I can do my product photoshoot in peace without pissing off with the lighting problems.  I actually planned to do a tutorial video but I'm too lazy for it, recorded halfway them I was like, ''meh these kids would totally get a better tutorial on youtube though.  

Making this is easy but i think I should get a thinner paper for the sides because I don't have any bright lamps (saw them but too expensive).  I did my photoshoot using available torchlights at home and direct sunlight but then the picture came out kinda great as well.  Love it!!!

I really think you guys should try making this and it would be better if you have harder and stronger materials than mine.

So here's the tutorial video that I learned from: 

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