Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 1: Modern Maleficent

I'm entering this contest organized by Makeup Revolution London guys.  Yes, me this lazy ass person entering some things that make mo do more stuff.  I mean days before they announced it, I already ordered some items on their website, then the contest appears so I think why not?  I got their stuff, I do make up all the time. 

(I mean not all the time, takkan nak gothic2 takat pegi mamak je ponn, takkan tu pon ko nak mekap kot, come on lahh tak nak aku menterujakan mamak2 tersebut lulz.) 

Also, the winner would get their 100 eyeshadow palette, and I've lost my lovable MAC professional palette (it went to another dimension I presume) so I think, I have to win this time because I'm a cheap person that love to get free stuff.  

The products I'm using are from Make up Revolution London that I'm going to do a haul entry (or video) bout them.

I'd walk with you once upon a dream.

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Ellone Andreea said...

I love it! I love using a dark palette for my makeup and this is very inspiring! <3

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