Friday, January 16, 2015

When the spawn ov Satan came to visit...

at 3 am in the morning and nearly made me gone histrionic.  This little asshole crawled on my nose (while I was trying to fell asleep) and I managed to pick it of away from my face.  I was terrified because this species would excrete acidic properties from its ass (while walking) but I was very lucky and fortunate because nothing came up and ruin my ''supermodel'' face.  So me and my roomate took pieces of scotch tape and tape this son of a bitch on the floor and will never throw it away so that it's other friends will think to no to mess with me.

Again this is not animal cruelty but I'm a sadist when it comes to pests.

Rest in shit.


Also my hair is typically ruined.  New roots starting to get longer and longer  and curlier.  So when I come back home, I'm going to fix this coarse locks and chop a quarter to half of it.  The problematic part is I love my hair color but I shed to much ALL THE TIME.  

Face of wanting to go to the upcoming A7X concert.

What i like the most about my hair is that it's thick and kinda micro-frizzy so any trials for up-dos and braids would totally be a success.

Herring bone on my ungothical face.  Ready for bedtime!

I got this beachy waves from the herring bone braid I did.  Fab!

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