Monday, January 19, 2015

Insecurities. Do you have it?

I've witnessed a lot of human beings all around me that has A LOT of insecurities.  I don't know what and why makes them being so insecure since they are better in person than me but I think I can understand it bit by bit.  

Seeing someone who's different sizes than you makes you feel insecure

Seeing somebody with a spouse makes your insecurities go boom.

Seeing someone is sexier and stylish makes you go nuts and feel that you're worthless.

Seeing a gorgeous red head makes you wanna cut her hair so much (I do feel that bruh)

Unfortunately I'm just another heartless witch that have no legitimate response towards this problem.  I mean, I swear I do have insecurities but I just don't really give a shit about it.  All I can do is to improve myself and not ranting about it.  

Years ago, being this way could bring me way down to the world because I'm agreeing to literally exposing my weaknesses and people could just shoot me down by making me believe that all my insecurities are true and I could never ever change anything.  

But thank god I turned into motherfucking asshole bitch that wanted to show and prove myself that I can be better and not easily being torn down by my own insecurities.

Before, I'm usually not confident and feeling ugly with my stupid huge curly afro hair but then I made a decision.  A decision to change.  

Whenever I feel ugly with my curly hair, I'd make it straight.  If I feel my clothes were too childish, I'd be more mature with my outfits.  If I can't do make-up, I'd turn on Youtube and watch the tutorials.  If wearing glasses makes me nerdy, I'd get some lenses.  If I feel flabby, I'd just work out a bit or don't give a shit bout it and continue lying on the bed all day.  

I'm not asking you to buy new stuff or spend money, just try to improvise.

And these circumstances will teach you to love and be great-full of yourselves.  Trust me, at one point, you won't feel anything because you have achieved something better that you know you can do and already did.  

My point is, you have to work hard to find ways to overcome you insecurities and not by posting pictures of better personnels, complaining and ranting without making any changes. 

I feel that if I tame myself and getting used to the insecurities, I would never ever let it go and it will haunt me down.  

So I would give you 2 choices, whether to do something and make a change to be better or just forget about it, accept how fucked up you are.

I'm being harsh because I'm a bitch but without being harsh people wouldn't know what is the reality of the world.  And all I do is to tell the reality and not sugar-coating it to you guys.

With love,

Lady of Gothica

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Anonymous said...

well said love. Many Malaysians are insecure. and i suppose its up to ppl like u to make them realise that change is deffinitely possible. i'd support u. u just made me change for the better, nigga.

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