Monday, January 12, 2015

2 papers to go then I'm free!!!

Gosh I can't wait for the holidays because my mind kept on bugging me with cool organization diy projects that I've been researching for (instead of studying) and also I really need them as a relaxing therapy although I know I would loose my temper while doing those projects.  

All the time..  All the time.  

So currently I'm re-branding my online store.  Previously it was ''The Countess Couture'' but then I wanted to merge it with this blog's name so now I've changed it to ''The VITH''.  I think it would be cool to have Vamp-In-Da-House blog and store in one go.  But again, after I'm coming back for the next semester, I don't think I'm gonna have the time and will power to manage this store because I'm back into being a busy bimbo that doesn't have her own transportation machine.  Too lazy to take the bus doe hahahaha we'll see we'll see...

Back to the diy story.  This noob just found out how these people took great close up photos without the shocking flash and unwanted shadow.  They used the light diffusing technique.  I never though of this before -.-  I've been struggling to take great photography for my haul entries all these years..

This is the light diffusing box and I'm going diy this box using anything that I can find.

Another diy is for my make up organizer.  I have a mini 4 tiered drawer and it's not pretty anymore.  So I was thinking to paint it black and add some neon stencils on it.  

Next it my gothic jewelry organizer by using a frame box (again if I could find it ever!).  I saw this tutorial on urbanog youtube channel and that was a genius diy creation.  I don't have to keep my unword jewelries in boxes but instead hang then in the frame organizer.

urrghhh I got a lot of material to buy!!!

Can't wait!!!

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