Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Q&A Session: Makeup 101 (Ep. 1)

QnA Friday with Miss Y... ♥ \m/

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Q1: What are the basic brushes/tools that I should have in my vanity? Do I need to buy all kinds of professional brushes?

Ans: Well, the basic sections are your face, eyes and lips. I would recommend the most basic tools that you should own instead of asking you guys to waste and buy shit tons of brushes that you don't even know how and when to use them. So NO, you don't need a lot of brushes (I once did my makeup using 3 brushes only. NAILED IT!) 

♥What you need for the face: Foundation brush, Powder brush, Blusher/Bronzer brush & Concealer brush♥ 

♥What you need for the eyes: Blending brush, Crease brush, & Angled liner brush (for eyeliner and eyebrow)♥

 ♥What you need for the lips: Lip brush, & q-tips♥


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Q2: Why in the world do own have so many brushes? 

Ans: Darling, these brushes are only for the eyes. Yup trust me, some of us got more than these (you should google the full professional set bruhh) and I seldomly use all of them at one go. 

Certain tools are use to make precise adjustments and applications jerrr. Unless you're an avant garde makeup artist, most of us use 3-4 brushes tops for the eyes because of the colors. 

To prevent from pre-blending, we use different brushes on different colors on each micro sections of the eye area. 

That's how you can see clearly the yellow, orange, red, pink on the eyelids. All thanks too the multiple usage of brushes at a time.


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Q3: How to look flawless? What tools should I use?

Ans: My answer is FILTER APP. 

Stop dreaming to look flawless you fucking retards.  Sedar diri sikit kau dok dekat garisan Khatulistiwa, panas peluh2 makeup tebal tiga empat depa pon cair jugak dgn selebet terkesat dekat shawl kau lagi.  Kau redho je lah memang takkan flawless unless kau duduk dekat area sejuk nak mampos sampai makeup kau mengeras berkerak dekat muka. 

♥♥♥Professionally I would say, use the brushes shown in the picture above. Each have their own specific functions and follow their destined functions. Also get a Blending Sponge (any shape and sizes, dont be stupid to get the RM40 one if you are not a makeup person. Wasting giler despite the approved good quality but still wasting your money). Flat foundation, concealer, powder and blusher brush are the most essentials like I've stated before. So, have fun and good luck experimenting♥♥♥


Q4: Your choice of blending sponge?

Ans: Any sponge that can make the products to easily stick to-and-off of it. 
Professionals use the triangle ones because of the pointed edge can cover the small and hidden areas of your face. 

I'm actually really looking forward to get the professional teardrop shape looking sponge called "The Beauty Blender" because of the material is very durable compared to what I'm using at the moment but the original ones are too expensive like daaaaaaaamnnnn! I mean, it's expensive in our country only lah but in Europe they just cost as much as the cikai brand I own right now. 

It would be a very good buy though but I got a lot of things on my wishlist to spend on so that's why I chose these cute and cikai star shape sponges (came in a pack of 4) and they worked so well. Everything blend so well and worth buying. 

The only drawback is that after a few usage, the sponge tend to break but who cares, other than that I'm satisfied.

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