Monday, September 7, 2015

DIY page tabs stickies

Going for a new semester and thank God we only have 5 subjects instead of 7 like the previous one.  Phewww!  And what is so awesome about it is that I've found a rainbow notebook with 5 different colors marking each color for each subjects.  FUN!

So I found this vintage floral designed page tabs on pinterest, Cut it out one by one and run them through my xyron sticker machine and here's what's left on the strip.

I have some tips to make it placed equally divided and centered;

1) Put the 1st tab on the top of the 1st divider
2) Put the 2nd tab on the bottom of the last divider
3) 3rd tab in the middle of the 3rd divider
4) Add some marking guides for the 4th and 5th tab placements on the 2nd and 4th divider.

I know it's hard to understand so you just go on your instict hahahaha or read the tips thoroughly.

Thanks for reading!
Have a nice day!

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Ramona said...

This sounds definitely better than my post-it chaos and cutting into the papers *lol* will try if your trick works for me!

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