Friday, November 29, 2013

Seniors getting cray-cray

Hi guys, currently I'm on my final semester of my diploma and already being bored in the first week.  Nothing much happen except going to the class just to get away from warning letters of truancy and making myself visible to the teacher's eyes...  Also not to forget, seeing my crazy weirdshit friends and so much much pranks to catch on...

Apart from that, everything is scary in here since I'm staying in the creepiest floor..  My roomies already felt some weird stuff like, something tapping on the bed's iron frame, extreme banging on the door and like something made vibrating motion to our beds..  No wonder I felt like my bunk bed was moving-vibrating vigorously but I thought that was my roomie having a bad dream and constantly kicking the bed's frame..  I'm not brave enough but I'm highly positively motivated when it comes to sleeping..  I might be the scariest demon instead if sleeping gets interrupted..  

P/s: if any of you having troubles like me, some said recite doa Nabi Yunus masa ditelan ikan nun...  Maybe ''that thing'' felt trapped, jadi kita permudahkan dia keluar secara baik...  Because we don't know what the hell is ''that thing'', and yeah Lendu kot.. paham2 je la nokk..

Forget about that 

I realized that I've found my male doppleganger..  My mates agreed that we looked alike..

Just me having fun changing someone's gender

Disturbing face

Bucket got randomly exploded...Still a mystery to us..

A friend made me to sketch the most festive dress for her wedding 

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