Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anti-depressant November Haul!!!

After a devastating day because my final results didn't met my expectation and worst because the subject that brought me down was the one without a final exam (100% based on activities, evaluation and projects). Meaning, I can't control how the evaluation was done (I worked hard on all projects required by the subject) and for this kind of thing looks like I need to be an ass kisser just to get good grades.. 

 Come on!!!! I don't kiss ass, I achieve things on my own based on objectives, scientific reasoning and statistical explaination..    Emotions are not involved when I'm working..  Basically I'm Dr. Brennan from Bones.  So that's why I need to shop for some stuff, you know to keep me distracted from this bullshit..

Here's what I got

1) Felting needles

I've been looking for these, for weeks...  Couldn't find it in any craft store in my area because needle felting don't really take much part in my country.  I can bet only 1 out of 10 knows what needle felting is...  

Directory:  Get felting needle in Malaysia-from Daiso Paradigm Mall-RM5 a packet of 4 

Some people don't recognize the look of this type of needle..Well, in the pictures below you can see small continuous ridges on the tip..  That's the part that felt the wool when you poke it on cloth in vertical movement..


2) Wool felt

This is not the ordinary balls of wool that grandma use for knitting..  This kind of wool is soft textured and easy to rip them apart if you want to use in small batches..  Basically, it has properties like a cotton wool.

Directory: Wool felt for needle felting in Malaysia-get from Daiso Paradigm Mall-RM5 a packet of 3 with diff. tones


3)Silicone Mold

I have this obsession of making truffles and I tried a recipe for Halloween and my family liked is so much..  So, since I'm gonna do a lot of it, I though that I should do in proper shapes and stop wasting my paper cups..  Well, here comes the mold...  Got from Daiso too...


4) Unicorn Poop

I remembered as a child, I had the Luna Steadler 48 pieces but I really can't find it anywhere in the house..  The lost set has water color properties so my artwork can be more realistic thus I'm kinda pissed off because looks like it just ran away into another alternate universe..  Goddamn it!

Thinking to but the similar one but the price is not in my budget because I'm saving to buy Pokemon X later on-someday-the day when I eventually have money..  So decided to go for another brand..  And surveying nearly half and hour at the coloring section, I chose this one since it has some unusual tone that you can't get from other brands..annnnnd it's 50% cheaper..


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