Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goddess of Laziness decided to dress up

A good friend of mine gave me this gothic lolita dress costume as my 16th bday present and I'm so glad that it fits..  Thanks a lot for this dress babe and yep, still rocking it people!!!! Pairing up with checkers leggings, I think I'm well costumed for this year..  

I posted this photo on facebook and a bro trying to make me do an age confession because he believes that I'm a 20 year old that trapped in a 14 year old body..  Oh come on!!

Basically today is the horror fest but I'm not going anywhere..  Like I said to my mates, ''I'll be dressing up in costume and sit on the couch watching some shows, snacking like the saddest fat person on earth!''  and I'm proud of that.. 

Apart from that, tomorrow my final exam results will be up online, therefore even Kruger can't destroy my soul as I'm freaking out to the core of my spine..  Hopefully, I'll get a dean this time after so much sufferings, tumbling up and down in college, neglecting my Sims and trying not to punch over juniors complaining how hard their 1st semester is..

Also I had interface a parent logic a few days ago..  Since, I've already completed playing LOTR Lego on my 3ds and told my mom about it..  Of course she didn't see it as interesting as fuck, so a money saving idea came into my head...  It goes like this;

Me: Ma, can u buy me the pokemon X? I'm done with LOTR and now I need pokemon..

Mom: How much is it?

Me: RM140 (in our currency) only..haha 

Mom: Wth?  If you want that Pandora bracelet I can get it for you, but no pokemon!

Me: hahahahaha (I laughed histerically) Ok mom, here's the logic Pandora bracelet will cost you around RM2000++ and pokemon only RM140.  Can't you see how much you can logically save? 

Mom: yeah I know (laughs)...but I'm still not getting you that pokemon thing (continues laughing)

Me: -.-''

Don't worry mom, *10 years later* I'll make your grandchildren to drag you in front of the PC playing GTA..  Muahahahahaha!!!! 

Well, that's all from me, thanks for reading and have a nice day!!!

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