Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's going on with me nowadays?

Instead of talking bout games and makeup, today I'll just do a simple update on myself..  Already in the 3rd week of semester break and I hate how time flies so fast..  I mean, I still remember watching a movie 2 weeks ago and now baam! on the 3rd week...  

So, rather than spending my time working, I just stay at home enjoying my holidays and babysitting my cats...Yes, these creeps are getting fatter and fatter each day because we just started giving them proper cat food..

This is my only dude..
I know I know he looks like a girl T.T

And they all kinda look alike because they came from the same ancestry.  Also, we prefer to keep them outside to let them discover stuff and making the females getting fucked by the stray male cats..  

''They said I'm a dude, well fuck you coz I'm a girl!''

 ok enough story of me being the old lonely cat lady

Back to my designing vibe, here are a couple of photos after coloring them..

This design was actually requested by my roomate, and I finally managed to color it.  Not a pro in coloring but as long as people could understand the design then I'm cool.  So basically the dress has peach-pink ombre effect on the back trail and the top part is all about open back and lace.

These are my favs! Inspired by Puteri Gunung Ledang.  I made the traditional javanese outfits to have a modern look and doesn't look ancient that much..  Used some batik and baroque detailing..

Actually I really got nothing to talk about here..wanted to upload vids of my gaming activities, but the internet is horrible...haha that's all from me hope you guys like it

Have a nice day

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