Friday, October 18, 2013

Cutest Orcs ever!!!

It was decided!!!!   I bought myself a LEGO LOTR for my 3ds to feed on.  Actually of course I would like to get pokemon Y but my friend said there's some bug happening on the game so, I'll hold on to my patience, let those magical gaming people realease some fixes and then I'll be playing pokemon...   Appoximately mid 2014 where everybody elses already catch em' all and I'll be sitting right in the corner not being able to choose my starter (wait, there's some starters right? haha noob!)

Since, I've just started playing this yesterday, I can't really give the full spec reviews but of course you guys can google it yourself right? 

But I'm highly recommending this game because:

1) One ring to rule them all
2) Don't let your 3ds get wasted with some crappy games
3) Lego orcs are cute 
4) Easy gaming navigation, instructions appear as you play (because I'm too lazy to memorize everything)
5) A cartoon and cuter version of the trilogy
6) Backgroud musics are epic!
7) If you're playing as a character, you can beat others to death and they'll be alive again
8) Lego Saruman is cute
9) Lego Nazguls are adorable
10) Just fucking get it!!!!!!


1) If you don't know how to kill the troll in the dungeon LEGO LOTR

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