Monday, October 14, 2013

Are you already inspired for Halloween?

Hi people!!  So basically I've been thinking to do something different for Halloween..  Not that I celebrate that much but at least I have a reason to dress up into a certain ''character'' without people screaming ''wtf is wrong with you!!!'' since Halloween here is very rare to celebrate, so does to dress up :(

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An idea came out that I should not be freaky and at the same time I watched a movie titled ''Puteri Gunung Ledang'' translated as the Princess of Mount Ledang where the story (legend) happened in the ancient days.  If you guys google it, you'll find the wikipedia of this movie.  I got inspired by the classic and traditional aesthetics of the princess so I've made a polyvore set layout that might inspire any of you guys that are interested into something traditional like this:

Princess of Mount Ledang

Another crazy shit was, I've already got some accessories at home!  So, WINNING!!!!

YES, that thing with a swirly heart shape is a crown inspired from the ancient-mythical days (referring to the Lord of The Rings).


1) Crown from Diva Accessories
2) Bangles from Diva Accessories
3) Earrings from Blogshop Sparkles in the Fly
4) Bib vintage necklace from flea market (cost me only rm10, I nearly puked in happiness)

So yeah, that's all from me today.  Hope this will inspired you guys for halloween..

Have a nice day!

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