Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tarja Turunan Inspired look #2: Cats eyes

I'm very fond of Tarja's makeup because with her face, a single line of eyeliner would make her look dark and goth.  

The problem I have now is that, I need to add more dark colors to look like myself..  Years back when I was younger, I don't really need to add much makeup to look goth, but now I do.  In my opinion, when we get older and older the facial feature aesthetics that we had before will start to diminish so of course we need to get different techniques every now and then...demmit!

And another frustrating thing is that, every time I take a pic of myself, I don't look like a dark cultured person.  And this wasn't my problem when I was younger..  Oh come on!!! I wear dark liner with a dark shade of lipstick and still fail...   It's hard for me to do more makeup tutorial if the camera can't give me good photos :(

Conclusion: blame the camera lulz!

Looking on the bright side, this happens only in photos, and not in real life..
Still rocking it people!!!!

So, back to my inspired look for today, I accidently did another Tarja's inspired look for my eid day celebration...

Source: google

And here's mine in less than 10 minutes

1) Still using Artdeco for the eyes and estee lauder for the lips (link)
2) Sephora sculpting disk for the face

p/s: grey contacts are the best!

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