Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Treats: Bullets in the brain


"Bullets In The Brain Elegante''

*because I'm easily disgusted by horrifying looking food*

What you need: 

1)Paper Cups

 2) Chopped Cashews (optional)

3) Dark chocolate bar

4) Milk

5) Chopped Mars Bar (then put in freezer)


1) Roughly chop some cashews and mars bar.  Put them aside.

2) In a pot, add some milk, 2 tea spoons of butter and chocolate.  Stir constantly to avoid inconsistent burn to the melted chocolate.

3) Take the pot out of the stove and add in the chopped cashews.  Stir in well.

 4) Here's a trick, never put the Mars first because the hot melted chocolate will melt it rapidly, put non-melting substances first (raisins, nuts), later on put in the chopped Mars.  

5) Stir carefully to avoid the chocolate coating the caramel to melt..  Remember we need the Mars chunks in the treats.

 6) Put the mixture in the papers cups and refrigerate.

7) In the mean time, melt some white chocolate (samilar technique like I did on the dark chocolate) 

8) Add drops of bloody color (Maroon) in the mixture..

9) Stir well while enjoying the bloody mess

10) Pour the ''blood'' in a piping bag and pipe random strokes, blood drippings, or whatever design that you want.

11) Once done, add some decorations (edible pearls = bullets) to make it fancy

Ps: If you don't like nuts, replace with some other options..

1) MnM's
2) Raisins
3) Frozen berries
4) Marshmallows 
5) Cereals

Be creative!!!

So here's my elegant candy:

Pardon the mess, I was too impatient to nibble on the chocolate..
Thanks for reading!!!!

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