Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Sims 3: Halloween much?

Hi guys!  Are you and your Sims ready for Halloween? It sounds lifeless to celebrate Halloween all by yourself but if it's that what you want, then here I found some great halloween CCs for your sims halloween simstecular party.  All these CCs are done in highly detailed and I love them so much..  These are of course, not mine but I'm highly recommending you guys to get them from the links I've already listed down below and yes, some of them are already I'm my game because I can't wait to edit CAS all my sims to be in the coolest costumes...

Special thanks & Credits to:


8) Top hat 



What would your Sims dress up as? 

A) Maybe just in casual?

B) Diva:

1)  Liza Minelli (page 2)

2) Lady Gaga (page 5) 

G) Steampunk (set)

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