Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Look: Nymph-Mermaid

Hi guys! Today I'll share my style of doing halloween eye make-up and of course as usual mine will be the most simple and doesn't take that much time to do..  Approximately 5-6 minutes and you are ready to partay!!!!

I got inspired with 3 things for this look:

1) envious - green
2) nymph - green and blue
3) mermaid - blue and purple

so, ombre everybody!!!!

1) Apply some green and make it darker in the inner corner of the eyes, as it going toward to outer crease wipe the excess color with tissue paper to make the green fades.

2) Add some blue and blend with the green to make a dash of teal in the middle of both colors..  Do the same fading effect of the blue.

3) Now the exaggerating part, have fun with you purple shadow (I did cat's eye look, you can do whatever that you want)

4) Since I'm making nymph-mermaid theme, I added shimmer shadow to make it more magical and whimsical and weird.

5) Add a stroke if very fine black liner and mascara and you're done!

with vivid shot effects 

to be more creative and realistic glue on some;

a) glitters
b) diamante embellishments
c) leaves
d) feathers
e) avant garde fake lashes

hope you guys like it!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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