Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Holiday Season Fashion Shoot

I'm doing the 2nd part of my Zalora entry here since I don't want to packed everything in a single entry.  So after suggesting you ladies with cool stuff from their website, now I'm gonna show what you can wear casually during this holiday season (especially in the countries that are snowing, not here, hot as hell) 

Firstly I would like to acknowledge my partner today, Miss Nayli as the photographer.  Thanks babe, I will belanja you later lah!  Also thanks for sponsoring the jelly shoes.

So these are the mix and match outfits that I can work with after digging through my Narnia.  I was quite surprise with these outcomes and didn't noticed I got a lot of clothes until later today before doing this photoshoot. 

So here are the suggestions that I could came up with.  Simple and casual.

The first one: Pair up a simple boat neck top with a skinny pants.  I love it soo bad when my shirts accentuates my collar bones  and the well structured skinnies lies perfectly on my legs.  I'm not that tall but with the right clothes I may ended up with a few inches taller.  

The silhouette girls, the silhouette !

The second outfit: A sexy tank top works really well with kimonos.  You got your sexy thing and also you don't want to reveal that much skin but still you wanna look like a hot (Goth) Geisha.  

I just love kimonos especially the chiffon ones or lace because these material are just great for Goths like me and easy to mix n match.

The third one:  Military jacket.  This piece is still on the runway because it has a great structure and fits nicely on your body.  If you assume you don't have a nice bone structure, just grab this trending jacket peeps!

The fourth: Nothing else to say, V-neck tshirt with a scarf is da bomb!  Showing less skin is always sexy.

Final outfit: Rainboowww!!!!  My mom got me this rainbow festive pashmina and this dark queen loves it!!  Come on, it's rainbow.  Who doesn't like rainbows?  If you have lots of dark outfits like me, accessorize with a pop of color or a very red lipstick.

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice holiday while I'm depressing with the upcoming finals.

Life is full of shit.

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