Saturday, November 22, 2014

Unboxing Mahalo glitter Ukulele (with shop review)

Hi guys!!  I'm back again and now carrying the title of a noob musical enthusiast.  This ukulele I bought already arrived weeks ago but I was too busy with my terrifying education, I didn't even get the chance to unbox it (but I did get to unbox it days ago).  So finally today I'm able to show you guys my excitement of unboxing my very first guitar-like-but-it's-not-a-guitar instrument.  

I swear I wanted to play guitar so bad when I was a child but mum refused since she's afraid I might fucking fail the huge final elementary exam (UPSR je kott!!!), but hell yeah now I'm literally cracking my head doing this degree thing with a more worse title: GAMER.

Btw, before that I also bought this tutorial book but I think for new comers, don't waste your money buying method books unless you really want to major on this Uku shit and become a professional Uku player or something, I DGAF.  
Because I learned playing it within a week and I'm able to play a few songs already.  Just search on the internet for simple songs and tabs, gradually you will memorize the chords one by one and able to jump from one song to another with different level of difficulty- Confession of a Musical Noob, 2014

Before that, I'm doing the shop review first.  I bought this instrument online @ Ben's Ukulele House.  it's a local online shop so for Malaysians, this is the best shop to die for.  They have the best Uku collection ever from the Soprano to Tenor Ukus and also selling classical guitars.  The prices are not that high compared to others.  And the best part is their service is very good.  Replies are fast and very convincing.  Details were very much given despite us (especially me) being so fussy and choosy about the instrument lol.  The delivery process was so fast, estimated will arrived within 2 week (pre ordered overseas) but instead we got it around 4-5 days after settling our balance payment.  I'm very satisfied with them and would recommend to others who are interested to get it from them.

whatsapp: 01112810282

Ok ok ok now the unboxing part :D

Enjoy my fabulous glitterfied Uku

They boxed our Ukus very well.  I took me a while to rip the packaging off.  And that is a good Quality Management.


The excitement begins :3



Mahalo U2K purple colour Body: Maple
Neck: Nato
Fingerboard: Maple Blackenized
Bridge: Rosewood
Pegs: Gold Plated
Frets: Brass
Nut: ABS White
String: Clear
Scale: 346 mm

Includes Bag and "Learn To Play Ukulele" DVD. 


Told you guys, F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

I also bought the tuner.  It does come in handy

Close up.

Full view.

My first pic everrr!!!!!

Thanks for reading and happy strumming.

Now I got some geographical slides to prepare. T.T

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