Saturday, November 8, 2014

Post Halloween entry

Don't be mad at me for not updating..  Yes you'd all know that I'm a fucking busy piece of shit hahaha..  Totally miserable here!!!

Although I haven't done any trick-or-treating, but I felt like giving my close friends some halloween candy.  Ya know, just to make them happy.  So I bought some mars bars, snickers etc, packed then into the paper bags and tie with a orange-pumpkin ribbon.  As I thought so, they we're so happy with the candies especially with some of them that got a surprise lip balm and homemade chocolate biscuit pudding.

I actually wanted to buy the Burt'sBees brand for them but I didn't have enough cash.  :(

Here's the bags.  A very simple (and cheap) halloween goodies idea from the lady of gothica.



I swear I had the most fun in game celebration. 

 So I was working for this pumpkin dude named Jack.  He's like the ghost of halloween sent me to do some scaring mission, get myself a candy from each citizen, pass it to him and get a free limited edition furniture.  Bitch, i was on fiyaaaaahhh!

Achievement unlocked: Fully utilized room


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