Thursday, October 23, 2014


At the moment I'm preparing my special entry for halloween.  I'll be celebrating in game, means I'm doing trick or treating in Animal Crossing New Leaf lol!  

Already got the invitation wohoo!!


Again I'm a huge fan of Simone Simon's hair.. 
 Achievement Unlocked!

Hi everyone!!!  Ok I've done my Halloween special haul photo shoot earlier this afternoon.  Right after class I hurried back to my room, set up the camera and did the photo shoot all by myself.  Thank god for the creation of a handy shutter.  You will see in some photos that my hand is holding something, yeah that's the bluetooth shutter guys :D

So I was like Pose and Click and Pose and Click hahaha...

Also I have a habit of putting extra filters on my photos, just bare with my thing lewlz.


1) Jumpsuit is from my favourite store, Kitschen.

2) Matching the Jumpsuit with a nice Black Lace Kimono Cardigan I bought from my friend.

3) Popping out the red-notosity with my Men's Chekered Shirt from Kitschen. 

p/s; bought it on sale with 2 shirts at a cheaper rate.  So I picked the red one and gave the blue-grey one to a friend.  Dayuuummm I prefer his color better than mine. T.T  

4) This Heartly Ribcage Scoop Neck Crop Top is from H&M.  
The Black Tutu Maxi Skirt is from a random booth opened in my campus.

My favorite part is the back.  

5) Peace Skeleton Crop Top from H&M
A very well structured Black Mermaid Skirt also got it from the same random booth opened in my campus.

That's all folks!

Thanks for viewing :D

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