Saturday, October 18, 2014

A wedding with Elie Saab Inspired Dress.

Pastel Goth

Last week I went to my uncle's wedding and since I'm one of the few left unmarried, childless (and single lulz), I had to be one of the helpers.  So my job was to stand at the door greeting people and passing the door gift from the beginning till the end.  Yes, while wearing high heels.  demm toes!

But I was satisfied because I got to wear the dress that I wanted (I know it's pastel but dude come ooonnnn, it's Elie Saab inspired).

The belt I diy-ed it myself because the dress was a free size and too big for me.  I did took it to the tailor for alterations but they refused to do my dress because it's very to the last minute (got last minute wedding notice also).  So I was like, ''fuck it!!  I'll just do it my own way!!''

I went to the craft supply store and found this very elegant ribbon.  So bought it, measured my waist line and started gluing (laziness of sewing strikes again).  And baaammm!!! great belt, proportional waistline.

And I did my makeup using youtube's makeup guru, Lauren Curtis' tutorial.  Lovin' it 


These are my inspirations...

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