Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sundate with my bff

Last Sunday was not really a genius calling for me as I was having a quiz on international management but still manage to ran back home for a while to hangout with Aat and purring together with my cat.

After went shopping with mom, I came back for a while to change and went out again with this crazy lady.  She's soo fucked up since no one's (with a parallel brain gag) in town.  At the same time I had to do some shopping (like I haven't shop enough) for my dearest friend for his bday+halloween while the others have already got their halloween stuff.  I had to do some early candy-giving because the end of this month I might be very stressful with more tests and assignments.  Goodness!!!

Then we just had some lunch.  It kinda sucked because our food came out late.  They said the chicken dish gonna take 45 minutes to be ready, so we picked up some tortillas.  Instead, other customers were enjoying their food while we're dead hungry and accompanied ourselves with some selfies just to distract us from being monstrous. 

Raja Farah gua kata.

Lisa Surihani beliau kata.

Unexpected crop top.  I had to tuck in my stomach as I'm walking around.  Never wear any crop if you're gonna eat lunch. #zombifiedface 

OOTD: Ribcage shirt from H&M 

 But the most important thing of all, I missed this fatty.

Sometimes he looked like a bunny
Sometimes he looked like a platypus
Sometimes he looked like Ikkakumon from Digimon
Sometimes he looked like a ball of fat fur

And he likes shoving his ass onto my face.

After went on 2 places in a day, I went back to campus looking like a zombie reading textbook.  A very rare situation of me reading some shit.



Handsome sangat la bang...

image of sysnyster gates, from google

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