Friday, October 17, 2014

Outdated gaming: Gardening mama 2 review

Hey kids!!!  For those of you had been stuck with cooking mama series, I believed you'd already tried the first gardening mama game on NDS.  Trust me, this 3DS version is far more interesting compared to the previous one in the series.  

GM2 concept is like demand and supply, as for being a majoring student in business, yes this is a very good and fun training although all you do all day is plant seed and fulfilling the mini games requirement to add new plant seed in your collection.

The layout if this game is getting better and more structure.

Cute display on the menu.

Colorful starting screen

This is the loading and save screen

The menu display. 

The first time you  start this game, all you have to do is tend the garden.  You will play a mini game for each seed that you want to harvest form its origin location (you character get to travel on a bus, train and plane lol!).

Help out section is available once you unlock each mini game.  If you're bored with the planting part, you can always replay the wonderful collections of mini games in this section.

My pumpkins <3 font="">

These are the shops that will operate in the forest next to your house.  They will send some request on you mailbox and you have to fulfill it.  Can do it asap or wait for the next few hours (days in the game).  Once fulfilled you will get rewarded with shopping tickets that can be used to redeem decorations for you garden.

I would give this game 4/5

good effort
good layout
good color
good gameplay
many levels

love it!

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