Friday, October 3, 2014

Monthly theme post: Black and white

God!!! Finally I have the time to do an entry of this month's theme.  I've been so busy with classes and didn't get the chance to do any photoshoot for this post.  So here's some black and white photos of goths in veils that I believe it looks nice and the simple black veil would still pull out the dark aesthetics even if you're not using any dark makeup.  
*Also photoshop does help*

Besides that, I did a head veil tutorial of still looking goth even if you hide your hair.  Note that, no intentions of sensitive perceptions etc. are involved in this tutorial.  It's just a sharing of fashion and style for you lovely ladies out there.. 


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Thanks for reading :D


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I am so in love with veils. I made one out of tulle with a crown of silk roses, but I would love to make one from lace at some point.

Your head cover tutorial is a great idea! Sometimes I get so tired of fussing with hair styles, I've been leaning toward snoods and such on the weekends. This is another good option for those days!

Spookieness said...

I've never worn a veil. This inspires me to give it a try sometime

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