Friday, September 26, 2014

How I saved my hair & my 50 bucks

Note: the rules I had to go through is whether I dye my hair back to black or do something to cover up the blonde-red head part for the next 2 years.  Decided that I just cover it up in campus since I'm still in love with my hair color and because the value I spent on it was kinda high.  

The pros: My hair didn't get to be exposed in the sun, so I swear it's getting softer day by day..  also I get to be invisible all day long since wearing head covers is very common in my campus..  WINNING!

And Thank You Aat for requesting this tutorial :D
Jangan rindu aku sangat, pegi meroyan puas2 ok.

FACTS: Sheer-weighted material will create a gothic illusion.  Chiffon & Lace is the best.  Organza is light-weight and not stretchy so it will be a pain in the ass and you'll choke.  I guarantee it.


1) Tie your hair into a bun.  The bun will create a structure for the scarf later on, so it will have a veil-like effect as it drops down looking airy and soft on your head.  

2) I gotta wear the inner cap so that people wont see the blonde-red head part and I don't have to pay 50 bucks for breaking the rules.  Although there are so many brunettes here (nothing is fair in this world).  I wanna cry T_T

3) Lay down the scarf with one side longer than the other. See how it just flow down?  If you don't create the bun before, it's hard for you to get this structure.  

*Yes, there will always be scientific explanation when I do tutorials. LoL*

4) Take the inner corner of the shorter side and PIN IT on the opposite side;
- to see more neck (veil effect), pin it in front of your ear.
- to cover the neck, pin it behind you ear.

5) Pin both sides.  

6) Take the longer side and bring it around the head.

7) Tuck in the extra fabric to the back, cover it up and PIN behind the ears.  Do on both sides.

8) Adjust the shape and you're good to go!!!


Hope you guys like this tutorial..

Have a nice day 

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