Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Another wedding to crash: Duck face enthusiasts

Warning: too many duckfaces..too many..

Sorry for not posting for a while.  I'm dead busy and tired since I'm back to school and everyday have to climb up and down the holy-fucking-shit-high stairs.  In here, ''one does not simply skips leg day''.  So whenever after I came back from the deadly stairs, I would just lie down on my bed, running the animal crossing for a while and dozed off (while the 3ds is still in my hands).  That's how tired I am.

Alright! Back to the story.  I came back home for a while last week since my friend's brother had a wedding reception.  She invited most of us but perhaps these kids are too busy or something so only me and Aat came by representing our codename group T.T  

We went there a bit early because I need to get back in campus later that evening.  And we were suprised of the wedding decor.  It's the most fucking beautiful thing we've ever seen.  It had the feels of being in the moors from the movie Maleficient with all the long white twigs centerpiece on each tables, lights twining from the top of the aisle.  God!!!  It was amazing and sorry I got no pics of the scene as there were too many people snapping here and there and I just wanna eat so bad.  Maybe I can get a few after my friend upload it on facebook or something ;D

Duckface 1

"She made me drove her car wehuu"

Like I mentioned before, the centerpiece (behind me) is beautiful.

See..  It looks like a garden wedding fantasy and how it will look so goth if they change the color into red and black..

On the aisle with the groom's sister

Me being normal.

Duckface 2

Duckface 3

How we love weddings...

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