Monday, September 1, 2014

My simple Goth make-up tutorial *bare face reveal*

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This is a newer photo of me since this entry is kinda back dated a bit hehe.   I used the same tutorial but I just add more thick lines and shadows on my eyes.
*Summons all the creatures of darkness*

Good day guys!!!  

Today I will post on how I do my simple and natural-like Goth make up tutorial.

And here's my imperfect bare face;
*if you look closely you'll see some acne, acne scars, black head, and eyebags*

|Please don't zoom in T_T|

This is me, if I had a sudden sex change haha lol!
Also my original eye color is actually brown, not grey..  I use grey contacts because I'm literally blind and I like the weird grey looking eye.  Fierce!!!

So let's get started ladies!!

1) I apply the Sephora clear gel primer to the whole face, especially my nose and chin area..  They also have the natural colors type but I prefer this one because I like my pale skin tone..

 2) Apply the Kryolan supra color foundation.  I bought this one a long time ago from a friend (that's why it's in a different jar). 
*Omg! ze eyebaaaaags*

 3) Then I brush on with the mineral compact powder from Sephora.

 4) Once done with the face, I continue darkening my eyes.  This is my very old (and legendary) black and white eye shadow palette from Silky Girl.  I just shwish and swosh the black pigment from the crease then lightly blend it inwards but concentrate more on the crease part.  Darker crease will create the heavy eye illusion.

Then I dab and swipe the white eye shadow from the inner corner towards the outer corner and blend them in the middle.  The contrasting dark crease and light inner corner will make your eyes looking more dramatic.
p/s: if you're wondering about the nails, check out my review here

5) After that I add a thick line on my upper lid with the dark brown eyeliner from In2it and smudge it a bit.  I also add a fine line on my lower eyelid to enhance my eyes 
*like it's not huge enough -.-*

6) Now you can see my eyes appear darker with the brown line, so I enhance more with a brown ArtDeco shadow.  

7) And lastly, apply the darkest lipstick you can find.  This is Spiced Cocoa from Estee Lauder, the best color ever but I hate it when it look dark if you are face to face with me but in camera it's quite light.  

And you're done.


May the Goths be ever in your favour


Sylvie Dubois said...

Very nice. I too have trouble with bags under my eyes. Thanks for the tip

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

I enjoyed this tutorial - so glad you decided to include it in the September Monthly Theme! :) Your photos are excellent. And I LOVE that lip color! I can imagine what it looks like in person, just from how it looks in the photo that shows it in the tube. It works perfectly on you!

MindLess said...

You look so cute, I love the sophisticated but soft look!

Fee said...

The eye make up really suits you! Nice colour on the lips too.

Fee said...

The eye make up really suits you! Nice colour on the lips too.

swgarasu said...

You are so pretty! I think your skin looks perfect even without foundation. I like brown too- as a color, I don't often enjoy it on its own, but as makeup, brown in lipstick and eye makeup tends to be very attractive imo.

Uvita Viruella said...

Great routine!
I love to accentuate a dark eye with brown tones as well.
You are adorable! ♥

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