Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Couture Designer on Animal Crossing New Leaf... Dream came true I guess..

Well if any of you remembered, this is the first 3ds game I bought together with the console, of course the first game I got bored with, the first game I traded-in with the shop in replace for the super mario bros. 2 and finally the game that made me missed it when I don't know what to do after I finished playing the other 4 games...and yes, I went back to the shop and bought it back!

Shockingly the game card was actually mine at the first place!!!  I guess it's our destiny or other kids just don't get this game like I did the first time -.-

So yeah, I restart this game and the obsession starts.  I even printed out the walk through manuals I found on the internet but it's for personal references of course.  I swear it took like 200++ pages, shit did get serious ya know!

image from google

I wish I can share any guides and walk through for you guys, but I'm no ACNL expert like how I can manage the sims 3 and memorize most of the stuff as they made me the ''referential gamer diva''. 

 But I can possibly share the QR codes for you guys to scan/download into your game play.  I'm not sure when I can start to publish the designs since the Able sister still hates me so it may take a few days more for me to make her talk and spill the shit out about the QR codes.

Here are some of the designs I made:

The first 2 trials..

Lace dress on the last day for fireworks month also coincidentally falls on my country's independence day

And my labor day outfit.  A very exaggerating gothic fishnet lace dress

I'm still learning about this game and I will try to post the designs here for you guys to enjoy.  No promises but I will try my best :D

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