Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sept-Oct Haul

Yay!! I'm back again with the haul entry using mom's computer since mine started to misbehave like a week ago and I can't work with anything that much.  God why??!!!

So, what I bought?  


1) Awesome jumpsuit that turned into my PJs.  This was suppose to be from our local designer casual brand but I just don't care, anything expensive (although I bought it on sale) will have the comfy feeling.

Expensive = Comfy = PJs!!!

Pastel (not so) goth -.-

2) Shourouk & Channel clutch

The Rainbow Shourouk bag was actually a dream came true.  Although it's from China and not the original version of it (plus the quality kinda sucks, since the price is only less than 70 bucks), but I'm so in love with it.  Despite that I really hate see through bags and the jewels may came off if you're to careless and bang the surface everywhere -.-

  P/s: It can fit in nintendo 3dsxl. Winning!

The Channel clutch is a low grade version bought from a friend's online shop.  I love it as I can fit in my phone, that's all that matters actually loll. 

3) Out of desperation canvas snake skin.  My bag that I wore since my 5th semester of diploma has finally came to an end as the zipper is getting retarded and the bag is getting bulky because I pop in so much stuff when I go to class thee days.  We searched the whole mall for the bag that I want but this season got a lot of satchel and the hard structured handbags, nothing like the version where it will expand vertically instead of horizontally (that causing the hated bulkiness).  As I was getting pissed off, we just try to go in a random store that sells random handmade concept items and finally found this bag.  yay!!


1) I went crazy at the Toys'R'Us and bought the game that I wanted since I was 12.  I never got it before since it was expensive at that time and I was like ''ok, I will get it when I grow up and living with my friends''.  again winning!  Next on the list, the electronic banking version of the game of life, and maybe the pokemon monopoly if it ever does come into my country.   

2) Burt's Bees ultra conditioning lip balm.  This is my first time applying this product and I'm really satisfied with it.  I'm not a big fan of lip balm because most of the products that I've used never actually gave the best results as compared to this product.  I did asked miss kitty from sophistiquenoir regarding this product and she said it works out well on her lips due.  I'm so getting more of these maybe as a Halloween treat for some of my mates if I got some extra cash hehehe.  

3) Sephora nail file.  I'm like a manicurist on campus since last month.  My friends love it when iI color their nails while waiting for classes so, I thought of buying the files so I can actually shape mine and theirs..

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