Monday, September 16, 2013

Pencil work 2: Maxi Kaftan Line

*A touch from an amateur designer twig*

I'm not a big fan of kaftan or maxis but you know some sort of crazy brain of mine was like ''heyy twig bitch, why don't you design the stuff that you don't like the most?''...  Ok so I tried, and the best motivation was,

''if you don't like something, turn it into something that you will possibly like.''

So challenge accepted!!

And challenge completed 80%..

So here's my progress...  I've designed simple-non-elaborated kaftan maxis from the front view but you guys know my style, that is to exaggerate the most at the back  part of the dress...  As in my observation, the front part only give minimal impact but as people see the ''amazing'' back of the dress, they will remember it for a longer period.  And I love open back dresses because they look more mysterious...

Yesterday, one of my seniors contacted me to make a dress for her solemnization/wedding but they haven't set any date yet.  So we've discussed about the dress and I'll sketch it as soon as I've finished my tests..  Yup 4 tests for the whole week and the next week is my final exam..  I feel like hell right now..  

So, she wanted a simple dress but it must have elaborated neck-to-shoulder details and the only things that I can imagine is to scatter it with ombre sequins and diamante gradient.   She wanted lace but lace on shoulder will make it too bulky since she'll wear the dress with a head scarf.  

But we'll see how I'll managed the design...

Ok enough chat, here's my 2 favs...

p/s: yes, I covered my signature with a crown.  

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