Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is the bag that I've done a few weeks ago using my own pattern..Fuhh!!MyEm0.Com Thank god it's done and turned out very well MyEm0.Com
I don't really like this bag.. MyEm0.Com I did it only as a test to my "sew using a sewing machine" skill.. MyEm0.Com I used this bag for only in 3 days and now it's officially belongs to my beloved grandma MyEm0.Com...hahahahaha..  She's totally in love with this bag from the first time I showed it to her MyEm0.Com.. Now she's very excited to have that bag and a very proud owner to the EGL mini tote bag..

For more photos, please go to this link at crafster:

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Anonymous said...

semoga bhgia ngan beg bru..(walupun nenek ko yg pkai...)

Anonymous said...

sape pown kau??? letak arr name weyh!!!!

(ni aku,amirah..owner blog giler nih)

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