Friday, June 19, 2009

A birthday card for my dear fwen

I did this card a few hours ago

For more photos, visit this link:

Actually, one of my best friend's birthday was a loong time ago..Well, 1 week ago actually.. But I don't have time to buy him a present yet.. So, I made him a gothic birthday card but he is not a goth, just as a reminder that the card is from me.. I hope he will like it.. I'm still searching for the right present for him.. Got no idea of what he really wants..

If I give him chocolate, he will eat it and baam!!! It will become human faeces

If I give him a picture frame with our pic, unfortunately we don't have a picture together

If I give him a t-shirt, I might give him the wrong size..

Yeah, I know when you read this you will think I'm a freakin bad friend because I got no idea of what he likes, no pics together and don't know his size..

But believe me, after he resign from being a prefect (1.5 years ago) and having a relationship with a queen control freak girl, we are not that close anymore, but still remain bestfwens.

The thing is, he love his girlfriend and will do what ever she said. He can't even talk with a girl xpecially me..She forbid him to talk to girls.. I heard that his girlfriend is a jealous freak and thought that my bestfriend will like me and ask me to be his "second" girlfriend..

Shit, I'm not that cheap..Just necessarily having a special relationship with someone's boyfriend.
That is stupid..

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