Monday, January 23, 2012

Bat Fit Track 3- I think I'm a maid..

Remember that last bat fit entry, I talked a bit about my messy desk?

Name: Effing messy desk.
Comment: you look like crap.

*p/s: There's some smell of procrastinator in here since I was suppose to clean up the desk a few dayssss ago*

Since got up kinda early this morning, so I've decided not just to clean up my desk but also our whole room (I got 3 roomates).  I organised my desk first then later I swept & mopped the floor and threw away bags of rubbish.

Here's the after "desk job" is done

Gothic Smiley Scrap For Orkut


Yes, I got Zacky Vengeance photo framed on my desk (me and my roomate are his die hard fans),  disney's princess book holder/stand and looney toons tissue box.  

I've re-organised my books based on the subjects..


Next thing,



Done with the laundry.  Yay!!!


Marketing report.

Lipstick: Heart,

Lady Of Gothica

Bat fit 2012 official photo

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