Monday, January 16, 2012

Bat Fit Track 1- Skip the 2 and 3 first

Since the first challenge is to write a journal, I would skip that first because I don't really have time to write a journal creatively and without my creativeness the journal only will be alive for 3 pages.  Then it will set somewhere in my room unknown for the rest of my life. Yes, I hate writting and that's why I have a blog instead. So I think my journal would be my blog.  Can I? *muahahaha*

p/s: I've placed a bat fit button on top of this blog entry space for easy homework check (yes, the big fat purple button -.-)

And the second challenge is dancing my ass off..  oooyyyh..  I love to dance like crazy but my roomies might think I'm crazy and therefore, I will skip too (SOOO SORRY) that AND do it at home when I'm having my semester break this April.  *I will force myself cruelly to complete both challenge*


I'll definitely will do the third challenge which is giving up bad habits and in return train with good habits starting from now.  Well I'm not a perfect person so of course I do have some bad habits.  I mean lots of them. Lots and lots and lots of them.  Freaking lot! <--a part of my bad habit ''too annoying'' -.-

My bad habits:
1) A major procrastinator.  If there's a company, I'll be the CEO of Procastinator Corp.
2) A very berry merry lazy person to finish my homework
3) Always a hungry monster
4) Cursing like a drunken sailor

So, i'll try to eliminate them one by one first (It's hard ok, that's why we call it as challenges).  Terminate the procrastinating attitude first *help!*. I'll try to finish off my assignments as soon as I get it.

For the lazy thing, I might need someone, specifically mom can be used to threaten me to death.  I think the lazy thing is the easiest to terminate.

As a hungry monster, I will try to eat with proper portion.  Less sugary food intake and consume more fruits and yogurts.  T_T

How am I going to survive without these yummy desserts????? 

Cursing like a drunken sailor..hmmmm? well I don't think I want to terminate that since it's my personal weird therapy to low down my anger.  It's like this;

*angry angry angry*

Me: This is soo ##^$%*^*&(%$#$@!#~#@$#@$^%$%#!$!%#%#$^%^#!$@!%$

Friend: hey Y, are you ok?

Me: yeah! let's go for some ice cream!! yay!! * both skip along the road*

how crazy rite?

Ok, I think that's all for my first track as one of the bat fitters.

I got some tests.  Wish me luck!

Lady Of Gothica

My bat fit official photo. note: this is and old photo :P

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