Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bat Fit Track 2- Today's meal

I'm back for another bat fit update!!!

For today I had some protein craze for my lunch and dinner and also saved a few bucks since I bought my food at once, ate half for lunch and another half for dinner but  with a perfect portion.  

My ideal/perfect portion:  Filled at least 3/4 of the plate.  Yes I like to eat.

So, for today, I had white rice with chillied mussels and fried cat fish.  In my country you can have this dish like everywhere 

This NOT a photo of someone's brain.  They were really mussels that had been chillified. haha!

And always my favourite, fried cat fish.  The meat taste sooo good

So that's all for today's update 

And I might need to clean and tidy up my room!!! Let's go for another bat fit of cleanliness~!!!!

To my dearest desk of the dark,

I'll clean you up by tomorrow since my costing class was cancelled.  Please motivate me to tidy things up Mr. desk.  

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