Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today I shall celebrate it alone...with awesomeness!

 Have a nice day..

Since I'm celebrating this alone, I would like to get my ass up and ready for a few activities..  Naah, just to stuff to do at home like making chocolate covered cornflakes for granma, altering some of my dresses to make it smaller and perhaps video tutorial of my eye make-up?

Ok video tutorial of my make-up is done!

The actual color of the eye make-up suppose to look like this

What's Next?
Cooking time!

Main ingredients.. and of course, butter too..

Melt the chocolate with butter and pour on top of the flakes...

A mega focus goth with big nostrils dealing with huge pie of choco flakes and freaking tiny paper cups..aww yeaah!

Fashion facts:
Top, my bro bought it for me
Vest, somewhere in my hometown
Long star necklace, gift from my best friend
Blade necklace, mom's old shit
Skull pin, mom bought it for me..shocking!

No sleep and no Sims 3 for today (maybe until 9pm)

Lady of Gothica

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