Friday, May 11, 2012

Logic these days..

All right, I'm doing this entry in general ok..

1) Asking or commenting kids in public, I mean teenagers to dye their hair back to original color mostly back to black.    Yeah rite, do you think those teens are stupid and idiotic enough to change their hair back to the original color after spending hundreds of bucks in the saloon to get their hair red or blonde?


2) If you don't like how people dress up themselves and you REALLY have to say something, please say it nicely instead of screaming at their faces..

p/s: Ada member aku bgi tau, ada student kena tengking baeek punya sbb pakai purdah..  Adapahal sial?  Apa salah budak tu sampai kena tengking dowh.  Dia pakai purdah kot bukannya pakai bikini dowh.  Kalo nak tegur ke, elok2 boleh?  Sumpah bangang..  Kesian budak tuh.

People these days...  They always fuck logic...

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