Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saudagar UK (beli brg dari UK)

Remember kak myra?  Ok kalo tak tgk link ni --> kakak paling cool

Back then, I was one of her unofficial photographer for her wedding.  *sweet memories*

Ok bukan nak cerita pasal aku skrg ni.  Aku just nak bgtau pasal website akak aku ni.

She teamed up with her husband to be your overseas personal shopper.  Saudagar UK became official on November 16th 2011 but they have been active for this personal shopper thing for the past 7 years.

This is how it works...

Ni some of the barang yg dorg jual:

LaSenza knickers

For more info check out their website;

and also be their facebook fan page;

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