Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Music video and Media Update 1

Well hello fellow darklings!!!

I'm so excited to tell you that I've been offered to be in one of the Malaysian local band's video.  They are actually the band that I'm working with as the publicist.  

Yepp its Lakes and Snadders!!!!!

I'm so honoured because they offered me twice to be apart of this journey.  At first I had to reject this offer since I'm having a lot of stress with my projects, studies and finals but then they suddenly had their plans changed and dragged it to another date.  

So I decided to join.  

This surely would be one of the best experience that I can tell to my children.  
Those motherf*ckers gonna think their mommy is goddamn cool.  LOL!

So last Sunday, we finished our shoot.  They've been shooting for 3 days straight but my turn was only on Sunday, basically I could see how exhausted these dudes were especially when we gotta shoot during ramadhan (video will be up after Eid season).  I had to wear all black costume in the direct sunny heat.  Holy shit, if I saw any coke bottles at that time I would be so pissed.

Can you imagine that I gotta act?  
Yes this annoying face doing acting. 

Well not just acting, make up artist, prop master, bimbo etc.

Nothing comedic though,  I had to play with my emotions with sadness, depression, and rage.  I'm basically a fairy creature without wings but in this case, I'm a fallen demon that became more demonic.  

But I was very thankful because my bro, Fazi (who is also the drummer of this band) helped me a lot by explaining all parts of the expressions that I had to do.  We spent like only around 2 hours to wrap up this shoot.  Demm we were awesome!!!

More to come on for the music video updates....

Stay tuned!!!!  

Listen to them on:

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