Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hard times...

Hi everyone!!!  Sorry for not being in here for a long while.  As some of you already knew that I'm on my finals week but that can be included as one of my misery.  To be honest, I'm having quite a tough life myself for the past few months.  I tried so many times to try blogging about it but I don't think it is proper for me to do it.  

I blog to ease my stress but this is the moment when only God knows what's best for me and only Him will turn a thing to another.  I shall not stop praying about it because I've lost a lot of things in life (but also gained a lot too) but this is the ONE thing that I'm very sure about that I will fight for it till the end.  

I can't say that much because it is too personal for me and I will protect the people that I love, so I just tell you guys the very surface of my hard times.  

But I'm very thankful because I have friends that understood my problems and they are very sporting to lend their ears for me.  I explode sometimes and they always make jokes about it, so it's a good thing that my misery can still make others laugh and happy.

All I can say is that I want to be happy.  22 years in Azkaban was not fun because I never knew what life was.  I just started living and I want to be happy. 

 Like I said before, only God knows what I wanted and only Him able to change everything.  I won't stop praying and fighting for this.  Ameen

P/s: Chillax nobody is sick -.-

To all my Muslim brothers and sister, I'm wishing you a very Happy Ramadhan!

"Redeem me into childhood
Show me myself without the shell
Like the advent of May
I'll be there when you say
Time to never hold our love

My fall will be for you
My love will be in you
You were the one to cut me
So I'll bleed forever"

Nightwish-Ghost Love Score

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