Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Eid Mubarak '15

This is the best eid ever because I don't have to transfer all the eid cookies into the glass jar.  Just put it like that and no more fucks are given.  I rule the house this time!!!!

So yeah, I helped out my mom earlier in the morning because I don't want my eid eve being disturbed when I'm going to do more video footage editting for my behind the scene vlog.

This is how I spent my night.  Doing the job that I actually like!

So far, my eid day is kinda okay.  
While everyone selfie-ing with children, well I got my little fat child here.  
Nailed it!!!

I did a simple makeup today, dark eyes with my new dark red lippies.

So basically one of my bros wanted all of us to send an #eidselfie in our chat group.  
Well here we are together, all 8 of us finally together hahahaha

Happy Eid Mubarak from The New Breed Family

Thanks for reading!!!!


When I'm free
When my sun has set
Release my soul forever
I have no regrets

Asking for more God's given strength
I'll exists again
Long for the day I can be myself

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