Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm finally free!!!

Yes finally my very last paper.  Well not really the very last, since I have more semesters to go but whatever!!!  I can rest in peace and silence and do whatever I want during this break.  Yay!!!

I just love my dress.  

Gonna miss these bitches :(

And we had the worst break fasting ever.  No food for us to buy because we finished our exam late in the evening.  So yeah, had instant noodles instead for ifthar and later we went to the cafe for late dinner.  I only had sweet corn because I finally felt the exhaustion after struggling for 3 weeks of hell.  I even lost my appetite and felt really sick.  Near to vomitting.  Yes, it was that bad.  Burned out .

And thus I shall create some memes with my bestfriend


Apparently the problem that I'm having is still not settled.  I've already done my part so now I'm faithfully waiting for God's best signal for me to unleash my last ride.  I nearly did it today but something came up and I guess it was an honest sign from the Lord Almighty to hold on for a bit again.  I really don't know what to do know, only hoping for the best moment for me to shoot out and also asking for blessings of patience and strength to face these obstacles.  

Akan setia menyusul Gusti Puteri akan Tuah nya jika kecuali diberitahu secukupnya

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