Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What had been happening?

Well I'm missed my cat.  That face I wanna squeeze so hard 

Weeks ago was my best friend's birthday and I didn't even knew it was his.  No wonder he stared the shit out of me when we're getting out of class.  Thank God we took this awesome picture together so I can show to the world my favorite booboo #lol

We had a fun wrestling thing going on.  


Again flooding this entry with our faces.

Got myself a new pair of Raybans!!!!  
Bought it from my sister since she's now having fun managing her online business..

Check her out:

And yeahh I looked awesome!!!!!

Here comes my misery.  Killer paper after another.  

What I felt like at the end of the semester...

When my mom called me...

When I had enough with every bullshit of academics...

Well...  I got one last ride to be miserable for this semester and then, 

''Dobby is free!!!!!''

*only for the next 2 months*

And I gotta a lovely suprise for you guys with the makeup I did in this picture.  
Wait for it okay!

''My fall will be for you''
''My love will be in you''

Yes, you...

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