Friday, July 24, 2015

LOL 3 kinds of advices: Nose Piercings

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So, I wanted to get myself a nose piercing, well not that serious bout it, only to a very random gesture and still thinking about it. I experimented my requests among 3 different people that knew me for too long.

My mom: 

Me: I think I want to pierce my nose
Mom: You know your dad's gonna kill you right?
Me: Yeah what ever, I don't give a fuck though.

Ok this kind of response from my mom is quite normal..  And I always wanted to annoy her with something rebellious. 

So I asked my girls...

Me: Guys, I wanted to get a nose piercing
Girl 1: Yeahhh do it!!  But your parents will kill you.
Girl 2: Awesome, I saw this person on instagram having a nose ring, it's so cool!
Girl 3: No no no my friend had it and she hates it.
Girl 4: That is crazy but if you wanna do it just go for it!
Me: So should I get it or not???

Again the responses are typical girly..  

So again, I asked one of my bros...

Me: Dude, I wanna get a real nose ring.
Him: Hmm it would looked really nice on you but to me, I wouldn't want my wife to have a hole in her nose.
Me: Okay never getting it!



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Alexandriaweb said...

I have a nose piercing and I love it, my mam loves it and my boyfriend loves it. It wouldn't matter to me if they didn't though, it's my nose not theirs.

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