Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gothic/Punk Bow Clutch Tutorial

So, I did a mishap onto the ''suppose to be eid mermaid skirt''.  I cut it a bit smaller and thus the skirt can't even pass through my hips T_T.  Instead of throwing away the disastrous skirt, I decided to give it a new life.  So I ripped off all the stitches, measured, cut and made a new gothic style bow clutch.

I did my own pattern because I'm a very lazy seamstress, so here's my lazy guide for you lazy people out there.

What you'll need:

1) 2 types of fabric (if you want to use the same fabric for the bow then its fine too)

a) clutch base 
-Measuring the width is 30cm (include 1/2'' seam allowance for both sides), the length is optional.  
-Shorter length may fit in your phone and wallet but if you cut it longer, you may fit in your ipads and even your laptop. 
-This part needs 2 pieces

b) the bow 
-If you're using a diff. type of fabric ie. thicker & stiffer, then you only need 1 piece.
-If the fabric is soft, you need to layer it with more fabric to ensure the bow will be in shape.
-When cutting, the width of the fabric must be more than 30cm (less that 30cm will not fit the front of the clutch)
-Length is optional, the longer you cut, the bigger the shape of your bow will be.

2) Thick lining (to slip in between 2 pieces of fabric)
-I used a piece of drawing block paper to stiffen the clutch, if not it won't have any structure and you'll have a hard time of using and carrying the bag.
-You can also used other thick material such as felt, foam etc.

3) Studs, crystals embellishments
-Just go crazy with the decorations 

How to:
Pardon my KFC receipt. lol!

1) Divide your fabric into 3 parts.  And follow the photos below to see how I form the bag.

2) Insert the thick lining, and sew the sides together.

How to ''THE BOW":

1) Lay flat the fabric and pin layers of other fabric at the center and pin them.

2) Identify the center of the fabric (orange line), fold the fabric in half and press

3) Once you get the central line, flip the fabric over..

and start pinching from the middle.  Then pinch from top to middle, and bottom to middle and repeat until no fabric left.

4) Here's your bow!!! Pin the bow in place and you can whether sew it or just use the super glue.  
p/s: Lazy people use glue -.-

5) Also I did sew a strip of band to wrap around the middle part of the bow.


1) Spread the ''wings'' of the bow towards the very corner of the FRONT FLAP and sew the sides.

Note: You may also tuck in the extra ''wings'' in between the 2 pieces of fabric and do a straight stitch.

2) If you do it like I did, just fold the extra fabric neatly and more glue..

And you're done. 

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