Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wow, a very-very late Eid updates


I know it's been a while.  The last time I updated was like 2 weeks ago. sorry -.-

 But I always have time to go and fixed my hair!!!  I did a relaxing treatment and my hair stylist just lectured me because my bleached hair is too fucked up and I shouldn't bleached it out in the first place bla bla bla.  Sometimes I prefer to pay extra just for everyone to shut up.

Ok first of all Happy ''belated'' Eid Mubarak and yes I'm always extremely busy during Eid because that is the moment where the old maid talent just bursting out like a fiyyaaawerkk!!! (read: fireworks).  Since the first day of Eid, I've been so busy to entertain all visitor until it comes to the point where I just stay in the wet kitchen and clean all the dishes because my head is too messed up hahahaha but I swear it was all fun!!!  I'm like Monica Gellar who likes to be the hostes LOL!

Happy Eid!!! in 3..2..1.. the first visitor arrives

Also didn't I tell you guys, I made my own skirt this year (and clutch)!!!  The lace black dress was actually from last year, so I decided to wear this and just change the skirt color (last year was gold).  It's not that perfect but who cares, I made my own clothes.  kau ada? (translation: do you?) lulz.

Annnnddd this is my squishie fat cat.  Gerddermert yer fert!!!

So on the weekend, my bros and bitches decided to come and eat all the food!!!  Not all of them was there but it was fun.  I guarantee it!

Too much stories, Too much gossips, Too much food and yes I did change into my pokemon t-shirt because it was a hot day and I'm not just sitting around...

My wonderful faces: 


Yesterday, my dear friend had a feast for the friends and families and of course this is the house we're always excited to go because first he has a very large compound, second he got the best food to serve and third this is the best house for our reunion.  Also he got the coolest parents ever!!! 

 I remember his mom called me and;

Aunty: Mira mira, when are you getting married?
Me: Heh?! Err I dunno..It's somehow looks very impossible lol.
Aunty: haha impossible lah sangat.  Do you want me to find a guy for u?
Me: Ahahahaha haha ahaha *Aku malu tapi mahu sebenarnya*

Yep she's the coolest mom.

Of course reunited with my bitch here!!  Been bffs since we're 14

Horrifying kids...

We all had this sudden realization where we all just talk about life, jobs, getting married and  future kids head count instead of just some crappy children conversation.  Although we are very child-like as video games are still in the conversations.  And ofcourse, we are in this level where kakak-kakak turns into aunties, abam-abang into uncles.  Dude!! We're old!

And lastly guess who I met?

 Yes a hot dude! who is always mistakenly assumed by others as my boyfriend, but nope nope nope.

Well actually he's my long lost bff who just appeared after being away (and invisible) for 2 years T_T 

And he was like;

''takpe Y kau kawen nnti aku org pertama yang sampai!!!''

 And ignore my fucked up face, it was like a 100 degrees and my makeup just all gone

Macam jejak kasih

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