Sunday, August 10, 2014

August beauty haul & product review

Hi girls!

So I just got some products for my beauty haul..  Not that much because I kinda still have everything, just adding up some stuff here..  

First I went to the hair supplies store to get the straightening brush and some serum.  Not in a million years I assume the store gonna have the ''buy 1 free 1'' promo.   Epic save!!!

1) 2 cans of Schwarzkopf straightening serum = RM52
2) Straightening brush = RM24
3) Elianto Neon Nail polish (A13 Shopaholic) = RM8

I'll start first with the Nail Polish.  Since ever I saw the beauty haul video of Julia Graf feat. Simone Simons, I can't stop dreaming of having the same neon nail polish like Simone wore in the video;

Some might say Goths (like me) should wear dark nail polish but actually neon nails surrounded with dark clothing is cooler than ever.  Believe me!!!

And here's how I do layering on my nails;

1) Peel off nail polish as the base coat (Jawahir)
2) Coats of the neon nail polish (Elianto)
3) Top coat (Revlon)

 Sorry for the shaky picture btw -.-

So now I'm gonna take a shower and will update on the effectiveness of the hair product.


I love how vibrant the color is also very economical price.  Unfortunately it dries out very slow and you can ruin the polish if you gotta do some housework while waiting for it to fully dry.  How slow? It took me an overnight period to make it really dry and hard and you can still ruin it if you're sleeping and unconsciously pushed the half-way drying nail against the bed sheet.  So I suggest that if you're not doing anything for the day or has a turbo manicure dryer, yes you can get this but if you're like me who does extreme movement and has a psycho cat, you should just pay extra bucks to get a proper nail polish that dries out really fast. 

Rating: 3.5/5


Last night after showering, I sprayed both sides of my head with the product and only flat-ironed on one side.  Had the greatest over night sleep also note that I slept like a caveman.  So my hair did get really fucked up the moment I woke up

Btw, I did use this twin brush while experimenting last night.


Red arrow:  Sprayed with product + flat iron

Black arrow: Only sprayed with product

You can see the red side is much straighter compared to the wavy black side.  Also the ends of the red side is a bit neater compared to the other side..


This serum somehow works like a hair spray.  You hair will look smooth and no frizz but it will make your hair a bit stiff as they tend to stick with one strand to the other (just like if you use ordinary hairspray).  I recommend you guys to use this product but just apply some essential oil or leave on conditioner after ironing you hair..also get the temperature adjustable flat iron.  It's much more effective if you iron your hair with higher temperature.

Rating: 4.6/5

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