Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Clothes making #2 *update*

Hey I'm back with my clothes making update.  So I managed to 80% successfully sewed a summer halter top by using the free Burda pattern that i told you guys in my previous entry.  Overall it's very easy, I'm not a professional but I'm happy with my outcome and the top is wearable.  On top of that my friend love it so much.  

On the dark side, I really hate my fabric..  Yes, it's a beautiful soft chiffon fabric, easy to cut but it took like a millions years of patience to sew.  Never ever gonna used this type of fabric again I suppose, unless I have gain magical unicorn fingers or whatever.

So here are the progress of what I did.. 

Newspaper pattern layout :D

After cutting the fabric..

Just so, you can see that my halter is 4 panel halter and not just sewing 2 panels of the front and back part.  I just wanna see how it looks like whether its unique or blerrgh..  But in this case, since it has drawstring halter neckline, you can barely see the panels because of the pleats and ruffley effect.

So that's all for today's entry.  Hope you guys like it! 

Have a nice day ahead :D


Finally got the chance to wear this outfit to class..  Hopefully I can sell this design (handmade of course) after graduating from this ''hell pit'' :D

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